Why choose hospitality courses after 12th ?



In India , one common thing we keep hearing right from childhood is people posing the same question , i.e , what do you want to become? The most common answer for these questions is also known to the students. It’s either a doctor , engineer , CA or a pivoted govt employee. Nowadays things are shifting rapidly and unconventional career options are buzzing. Hospitality courses are one such. When you ask someone about hospitality , the majority have zero clue on it. However it’s one such option that has a tremendous scope and instills a great passion within you. 

Hospitality courses offer a heavy salary that fills your pockets but apart from that the perks associated with it are heavier. It basically has 4 departments that one can choose from and specialize in it to make an outstanding career. They are – 

  1. Lodging and Accommodation
  2. Travel and Tourism
  3. Food and Beverages
  4. Entertainment and Recreation 

The various career options that you can choose from these 4 are – 

  1. Lodging and Accommodation – 
  • Hotel Manager
  • Executive Chefs
  • Banquet Manager
  • Executive Housekeeper
  1. Travel and Tourism – 
  • Travel Consultant
  • Event Manager
  • Tour Guide
  • Cruise Manager
  1. Food Industry – 
  • Chef
  • Kitchen Manager
  1. Entertainment – 
  • Cinema halls
  • Amusement parks
  • Museums

Are some of the areas you can find employment in.

Some of the reasons you should opt this course are – 

  1. Flexibility in working hours – Many people study hard and then settle for corporate jobs only to find that their life has become a boring repetitive routine. It’s the same 9-5 schedule and life gets so monotonous. In this , the jobs aren’t rigid with their timings and are very convenient. Yes , you’ll have to work long hours on a few days but most of the time it’s flexible and doesn’t bore you out. Life becomes so much more interesting!
  1. Open door to international employment – Now with greater options abroad because of exchange students , international food chains and hotels life has become diverse so start embracing it! You can go pursue higher studies there or start working to gain experience.
  1. Exhibit your creativity – Some people are just not made for books and memorizing things. Few tend to be very creative and artistic and hospitality is one such career option that will hone those skills. It is a boon and makes life more fun. 
  1. High paying jobs – People tend to have a misguided stereotype that only the so-called white collar professions have a heavy salary but even many other professions take home a heap of money. After completing the undergraduate program and with a little bit of experience in your hands , you’re sure to earn money. 
  1. Amazing communication skills – Communication is the building block for everything nowadays. It’s a great way to stand out in front of the crowd , succeed quicker and make the best of everything. Hospitality courses make the best of it as communication is extremely vital there and is given utmost importance. 
  1. Exciting with plenty of social buzz – Everyday is a new day in the office or outside with clients. Meeting new clients , making connections with them , visiting new places and learning about the diverse cultures we have. It’s plenty of fun and will never bore you out. There will definitely be a point in your life when you don’t want to stop working. 

Some of the courses that you can enroll up for are – 

  1. Diploma in Culinary Arts and Bakery
  2. Diploma in Front Office Management
  3. Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism studies
  4. Bachelor in Hotel Management
  5. Certification courses
  6. Advance Diploma courses

Few basic things you need to know – 

Hotel Management takes around 1-4 years to complete depending upon the type of course you take. A diploma generally goes for a year whereas a full fledged course takes around 3-4 years for completion. 

Some entrance examinations you have to write are – 

  2. UPSEE

The starting salaries based on an average consensus are around –

  • Cabin Crew : 4-10 lakhs
  • Kitchen Chef : 3-5 lakhs
  • Hotel Manager : 4-12 lakhs
  • Front Desk Office : 2-3 lakhs 

These are all per annum salaries and can vary accordingly. Experience and various promotions make your salary go higher and will help you earn better. On a more common note , males tend to get highly paid tha females. 

Famous colleges to enroll up for are – 

  1. Indira Gandhi Open University
  2. Christ University
  3. IHM Bangalore
  4. Garden City Bangalore
  5. IIHM Hyderabad 
  7. NITHM
  8. EIILM
  9. Amity University

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