Two Best Games To Play This Father’s Day

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This Father’s Day is unlikely to be ordinary, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be equally memorable.

Most Dads, we’re willing to wager, would prefer to spend time with their families above receiving anyone else Father’s Day present. Spend more time with your family this year. Who wouldn’t like a small outdoor BBQ and some fun family activities with their kids and grandchildren?

Spending time together may be tough with most of the country being under shelter-in-place or societal distancing orders. We have some amazing games for you to try if you’re lucky enough to be together a whole Father’s Day, and if you can’t be together, we always have you prepared with some entertaining games you can play with us on your smartphone.

Here are our top 2 suggestions for Father’s Day family fun. Choose one or a few and experiment with them. Who knows what will happen! Perhaps you’ll discover a new family favorite.

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Grab the Flag

This sport has been there for a long time and is a lot of fun to play with the entire family.

To begin, divide your family into two teams, each with its own flag. It makes no difference what kind of flag you use; a bandana, rag, or an old sock would suffice.

Divide the battleground (your yard) into three pieces, with a neutral zone dividing the two teams. You’ve got five minutes to conceal your flag on your ground before heading off! As the other team tries to capture your flag and return it to their zone, you must defend it. The first team to bring the opposing team’s flag home wins.

You’ll be thrown in jail unless you’re captured (tagged) while being in enemy territory, and you’ll have to stay there until one of your teammates tags you.

This game is enjoyable for all ages, and the possibilities are unlimited. If you’re playing at night, try tagging with water pistols, plush animals, or even flashlights.

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At a certain point in their lives, who hasn’t wished to be a singer? Karaoke is an excellent method for everyone to see how skilled – or inept – you are.

You can start a karaoke session with your family by going to YouTube and searching for karaoke channels; one of our favorites is Kara Fun Karaoke. It has thousands of titles to choose from, and you may find songs for everyone in your family, from toddlers to grandparents.

You may turn this into a game by picking the other person’s song and give them a score from 1 to 10, or simply have fun picking your own tracks and watching each other.

The Karaoke Game is another entertaining way to enjoy karaoke. You will be divided into two teams for this game. Then you take turns daring the opposing team to sing lyrics from song names you provide.

They gain a point if they can sing at minimum part of the song. The side with the most points at the end of the round, which consists of ten songs per team, wins.

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