Making English Easier, Simpler, and Less Confusing

Making English Easier, Simpler, and Less Confusing

English is a funny and confusing language, but it is also an essential part of our life. English communication and writing skills are quite essential in building a good career. If you have ever sat for a job interview, then you must be well aware of the procedures. A lot of interviews are taken to judge your communication skills. Therefore, to get a job, a lot of candidates are seen taking up courses to improve communication skills. 

English is the third most spoken language in the world and is an official language of various countries. English is the most convenient international language, which builds a connection between the people of different countries. But, the language is a mystery to all, whether you have just learned the language or you have been speaking the language since day one. A lot of English speakers and non-speakers have found the language confusing because of the spelling rules, grammar rules, etc. Even for a lot of people, the language is quite funny. For example, words like “honest” are spelled as honest, but while pronouncing, the “h” remains silent, and in the term “psychology”, the term “p” remains silent. Similarly, the terms like tire, bat, etc. can have different meanings. 

Terms like job and career, hear and here, etc. can be confusing when used in our writing and speaking skills. The terms like job and career are two different things and denote different meanings, but during our conversations, it usually is misinterpreted. Therefore, before you use the terms, you must understand the difference between job and career and then use them wisely. The same goes for other words as well; you must understand the meanings and then use them wisely. 

There are various terms in English that have the same pronunciations, but different spellings, and such words are called homophones, and homonyms refer to the terms which have the same pronunciation and same spellings but have different meanings. In this article, we have provided a few words which have a lot of differences between them. 

English Homonyms

Homonyms are terms that have the same spellings and same pronunciations but have different meanings. For some people, it can be quite easy and simple to understand and remember the usage of such words, but it can also be difficult and confusing for a lot of people. 

  • Tire: These can be rubber coverings of the wheels and can also refer to the feeling of exhaustion. 
  • Well: Refers to a source of water or can be referred to as the feeling after recovering from weakness. 
  • Light: Refers to the source of illumination or can be referred to as something which is not heavy.
  • Bark: Refers to the part of a tree and also refers to the sound of the dogs.
  • Bat: Refers to a bird as well as to the stick used to hit the ball in cricket.

English Homophones 

Homophones are words that have similar sounds but are spelt differently. Even the meanings of these words are different. 

  • To, two, too
  • They’re, there, their 
  • See, sea
  • Horse, hoarse

English Homographs

Homographs are the words which are most confusing because the words are spelt in a similar way, but the meanings and the pronunciation are very different. 

  • Minute 
  • Lead 
  • Bass 
  • Close 
  • Dove 
  • Sow 

Other than these terms in the English language, there are various other terms which have odd spellings, which are negative terms without any positives, plural terms with different spelling rules, and a lot of fun words. There are a lot of terms which differ from one word to the other in some way or the other. Therefore, you must be careful to use such words and must be aware of the English difference between articles and the usage of such terms in various instances. The language, therefore, is quite interesting, funny as well as confusing. 

The language can be confusing and funny for both speakers and non-speakers of English. It can be a little tricky initially when you want to learn, but once you have understood the rules, it can make your life simple and accessible.

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