Best Alfresco Dining Spots in Lahore

The relationship between Lahore and food is world famous. People of Lahore like to eat desi food and never resist trying something new. You will find a long list of cafes and restaurants in famous areas and also in the local markets of Lahore. Thai, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Continental, Pakistani, you will find all the cuisines according to your cravings and needs. MM Alam, food-street, Purani Anarkali, Liberty Market, Moon Market, Bank Square Market Model Town and Main Market are the best known places for your late night treat as well as family dinner. We are providing a list of the best places to eat in Lahore where you can also take advantage of the outdoor seating facilities. Click here to see Best restaurants in Lahore Gulberg.

DERA-Gaddafi Stadium

In addition to the food and the atmosphere, the DERA restaurant’s location makes it highly appreciated and accessible to a large number of people. The open-air setting of this attractive venue has made a name for itself in the market for decades.

The traditional seating theme of this area is to keep the Punjabi tradition alive. The live singing and “Pan” corner is the main element why people keep choosing this place again and again.

Also, you will find the best Gol Gappay in Lahore right next to this legendary eating place at Gaddafi Stadium.

Massionate – Gulberg III

If you are thinking about the perfect alfresco dinner with your loved one, how about having the opportunity to dine alfresco on the rooftop as well? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? The place that allows you to have these advantages is Massionate. This hotel is known for its versatile character. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a family dinner, a stay or to celebrate an event, Massionate will never stop surprising you. You will find a long list of diversified restaurants here.

The event rooms here are the best solution for your event in a calm and quiet environment. The management and staff here are very cooperative and this place is surely the best place for outdoor dining with a beautiful view.

Bistro 201

Whether you’re looking for the perfect dinner with your loved one, breakfast with your boss, or lunch with your colleagues at noon, Bistro 201 is exactly where you need to be. The wide gastronomic offer here will make you lick your fingers.

The town of Bistro201 is easily accessible and for this very reason, many people stop here to get their basic food. Qualified and experienced chefs know how to make dinner so special that you forget all your tiredness in one bite.

Haveli Restaurant – Food Street

How about dining outdoors, on the rooftop, also on the opposite side of one of Pakistan’s legendary mosques, Badshahi Masjid? Sounds exciting, right? If you like to enjoy the view along with the food, this is the best place to eat in the entire city.

Cold winter nights are automatically warmed by the rich views and embers placed under the table to keep you warm while you eat. This place is located a bit far from the city and that is why the calm and peaceful environment here allows you to spend quality time.

Spice Bazaar – MM Alam

Spice Bazaar is one of the most visited places by most of the elite. This exotic place is designed with international standards and makes sure that the environment remains clean, hydrated and humid at all times.

Here you will find the best internationally recognized chefs in Pakistan. The quality of the food at this restaurant is defined across borders. You’ll find both types of seating arrangements here, including indoor and outdoor. This is an ideal place to hold your small meeting with friends or a business meeting.

Gloria Jean’s – MM Alam

On your way home or when you want to take a short break from your hectic routine, Gloria Jean’s is the best place to stop. Here you will also find the best coffee in the world at reasonable prices. The bright taste will blow your mind and your tiredness is guaranteed to melt away in no time.

The wide range and different flavors of tea and coffee will make it difficult to choose one among hundreds. When we talk about her seating styles of Gloria Jean, her outdoor terrace area with an energetic and lively view of the people passing by on MM Alam street.


How about dinner at Pakistan’s highest restaurant on its open-air rooftop? If yes, please mark The Skye as your next dining destination. This restaurant is located on the rooftop of Indigo Heights, known as the tallest building in Lahore. The best part of this restaurant is its transparent floor that allows you to experience the skywalk.

This restaurant is known for its unique infrastructure that follows international standards.


A list of the best restaurants for outdoor dining with their locality and the most demanded cuisine has been discussed allowing the reader to find the best place for their next dinner. See also Best Restaurants in Gulberg Lahore.

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